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Bellowing Dragon Sculpt by ApeironDiesirae
Bellowing Dragon Sculpt
Wanted to show off the sculpture alone, a little bit bummed I didn't make the cut. But there were some really exemplary pieces that I was happy to lose to. 
Carnage by ApeironDiesirae
I really really enjoyed this movie and when I saw the competition I had to jump on it, I wanted to be sure I included some Vlad the Impaler imagery because I absolutely loved that and had a really fun time deciding on a color scheme, I was stuck between this, black/white and a blue version but I think I like this best! 
Void by ApeironDiesirae
I dont know what to name this haha, this is the original version of this Gold Dust I just thought it looked bad back when I originally uploaded but looking back I really like this version more so I thought I'd share.
The Bellowing Dragon by ApeironDiesirae
The Bellowing Dragon
My entry for Outcast Odyssey competition! I had a hard time deciding what subject to pick, but my love for dragons eventually won. I really felt having a classic horde type dragon could be fun but instead of being mean and just evil mines like a sarcastic evil, the kind of dragon who would just laugh at the poor souls who wander into his cavern. I also thought the evolution factors could be more treasure and making him look more aged/cynical. Photoshop CS6 and the dragon was sculpted in Zbrush first. 
Figure 3 by ApeironDiesirae
Figure 3
Sorry if I spammed you guys, I wanted to show the new pose I did that I wanted to try to get 3D printed, third in a series of 3 because putting the pictures in the same file make it hard to see the details.
Seems like it gets longer and longer between journal entries for me, so for a quick update I just graduated highschool and am just about to start my second semester of college!! Pretty exciting but there are even more exciting things going on for my artistic career, I don't want to get to into it now because its a bit still up in the air but hopefully my goals will become closer then they already are. I don't know if I've ever really explained my art and my goals so I think I will now.
    From the earliest I can remember I knew I wanted to be an artist like a lot of people on here but I really knew exactly where I wanted to go but didn't know what to call it, I went from animator, graphic designer, ect until I finally figured out it was VFX I wanted to do, specifically 3D modeling, Illustration, really everything that you see in movies like Avatar, Pacific Rim, Godzilla pre and post production-all that jazz. So clearly Im in school pursuing that, paying my way through it with art and waiting tables. Which brings me to the thing Im trying to work on the most right now which is the controversial "exposure" I really think I have the right stuff and Im looking for some more exposure online. Im not going to ask you to go around showing my shit off for me or anything like that however, I would like to know what any watchers who took the time to read this to give me some serious critiques and suggestions.
    I also want to give out the links to all my art sites and social media so heres some shameless advertising.
Tumblr- be sure to visit the art tag

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